Annotated Bibliographies

A key output of our project will be annotated bibliographies. These informative overviews of emerging research literatures intend to make scholarly knowledge more easily navigable for HE stakeholders, civic groups, non-governmental and intergovernmental groups. If you have suggestions of issues you would like us to address then please get in touch.

‘Diversity without Race’. By Elizabeth Buckner, Punita Lumb, Zahra Jafarova, Phoebe Kang, Adriana Marroquin and You Zhang

This article examines how a sample of 62 higher education institutions in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom discuss international students in their official institutionalization strategies, focusing on how ideas of race and diversity are addressed. We find that institutional strategies connect international students to an abstract notion of diversity, using visual images to portray campus environments as inclusive of racial, ethnic and religious diversity.

Publication: Provincializing the OECD-PISA global competences project

In 2018 the OECD added a set of global competence measures to its PISA programme, and reported on the outcomes in November 2020. In this paper I explore the provenance of the idea of global competence underpinning the OECD-PISA Global Competence framework and measure. The official account by the OECD references the OECD PISA Governing Board, Expert Panels, National Teams and Consortia engaged in the creation and delivery of this assessment tool. However, in this paper I problematise this narrative and sketch out an alternate genealogy that seems to operate in the shadowlands of the official account.