Universities & Crisis (U&C) team members were among the 2,000 participants at this year’s General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). Held at Charles University in Prague, the event brought together academics from across Europe and beyond for more than 500 panels on political science, international relations and sociology research.  

In total, seven project researchers gave five paper presentations, ranging from the politics of knowledge production for exilic academics to the new forms capitalist relations in British higher education:

Beyond ‘victim’ and ‘perpetrator’ working in the grey zone of the modern academy: the paradoxical ‘problem spaces’ of implicated post-colonial scholars in exile by Professor Jo Dillabough and Dr. Zeina al-Azmeh.

Ontological Insecurity and the Populist “Free Speech Crisis” in the UK: Tracing the Rise of a Discourse by Taylor Hughson and Simina Dragoș

The A to Z of ‘Cult Pandering’: spectacle, power and the politics of Russian war demonstrations at the University of Damascus by Jee Rubin

Capitalism’s Mindgrab: The New Imperialism, Dispossession and English by Professor Susan Robertson

New Imperialisms in the Making? The Geo-Political Economy of Transnational Mobility in the UK and China by Professor Susan Roberston and Dr. Jian Wu (non-affilate colleague)